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Site Name: Yarnton

Site Location: Central Oxfordshire
Related Achive: Manning (and Leeds)

Documents in the Manning archive refer to a number of prehistoric sites at Yarnton.

In 1862 an urn was found at the railway cutting at Yarnton Junction. Then in 1875 and 1876 two Bronze Age beakers were found in a gravel pit at a site with two probable ring ditches. One of these beakers is held by the British Museum and the other by the Ashmolean Museum (AN1886.1453).

Between 1854 and 1876 finds and features of an Iron Age settlement were discovered, including ditches, pits, burials, pottery, bronze implements and flints.

Prof. Rolleston examined a number of finds from these sites in Yarnton, adding several flint implements to his collection (AN1886.1455-56).

Further Iron Age material was also recovered from a gravel pit in Sandy Lane, which contained a number of storage pits full of hearth debris.

However, Manning also recorded evidence for an Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Yarnton, which was excavated in 1876 by George Rolleston. The finds from this cemetery are now in the Ashmolen Museum. (Find out more about this cemetery)


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Object Photographs

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Shield boss (AN1886.1444a)
Shield boss from Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Yarnton (AN1886.1444a)
Spearhead (AN1886.1444c)
Spearhead from Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Yarnton (AN1886.1444c)
Knife or seax from Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Yarnton (AN1886.1444e)
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