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Site Name: Tadmarton

Site Location: North Oxfordshire
Related Achive: Manning

One of the sites mentioned in the Manning documentary archive is Tadmarton Heath Camp.

The camp is a roughly circular plateau fort - an Iron Age camp. Bivallate defences enclose about 5 acres, the best preserved being to the north west. Some dry stone walling is exposed in this north west bank. On the other side of the road, the banks on the south east side have been eroded by the construction of a golf course. The original inturned entrance was on the east side.

The camp is bisected by a road, once used by Welsh drovers until the 19th century. Now just a straight, fast road between the Heath and Tadmarton village.

Nearby are the remains (not visible) of Wigginton Roman villa - known about since 1824 when 2 rooms with tesselated pavements were discovered. There is a holy well to the east of the camp.


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Site Photographs

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Bank of Tadmarten Earthwork
Bank of earthwork on Tadmarton Heath looking toward the north-east (March 2006)
Bank of Tadmarten Earthwork
Bank of earthwork on Tadmarton Heath looking across the golf course (March 2006)
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