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There have been many more barrows in Oxfordshire. The following information is taken from the Victoria County History of Oxfordshire, Volume II, 1907.

Barrows destroyed or nearly destroyed include:

Black Bourton; Chadlington; 5 barrows in Crawley parish; Lidstone, near Enstone; 2 at Hen's Grove, Langley; Ramsden; 2 in Spelsbury Down; Swalcliffe; Swinbrook; 2 barrows at Tadmarton (totally destroyed); 2 in Wychwood, near High Lodge. Even earlier reports of destroyed barrows - barrows on Shotover Hill, Bullingdon Green (Cowley). Round Hill near Bloxham (destroyed in 1867). 2 barrows at Great Rollright, and Round Hill on Port Meadow, Oxford. Near Souldern, Ploughley Hill in Fritwell parish destroyed in 1841. In documentation dating 1895 a Mr. Conder records five or six circular mounds in the field north of the Lyneham barrow. There are also features recorded as barrows but subsequently have been found to be something else. In the case of The Mount, at Badgemore, Henley, this turns out to be a folly. Recent theories about one of the mounds in Over Norton Park suggest the feature could be the remains of a rabbit warren, not a barrow. An earthwork recorded as a barrow at Weston on the Green called Windmill Clump, turns out to be a mound on which a windmill once stood! Parts of Grim's Ditch earthwork in north Oxfordshire are now becoming hard to find.


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