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Site Name: Minster Lovell

Site Location: West Oxfordshire
Related Achive: Manning and Rolleston

The Manning documents record a number of finds made at Minster Lovell. The most stunning of these finds is the Minster Lovell Jewel. This object dates from ninth century, is made of gold and garnet and would have been placed at the end of a pointer used for reading manuscripts (AN1896.20).

A small early Anglo-Saxon cemetery was also found near the road leading from Witney to Burford in February 1872 from which a number of finds were recovered. (Find out more about this cemetery.)

The only other find Manning noted near Minster Lovell was an Iron Age gold coin found in 1866 on the high ground between Burford and Witney. (Find out more about this coin)


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L. F. Salzman (1936) Victoria County History of Oxfordshire, Vol I, p32

Object Photographs

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Minster Lovell Jewel (AN1896.20)
Minster Lovell Jewel (AN1896.20)
Finger Bones (AN1886.1447)
Finger bones from Anglo-Saxon cemetery (AN1886.1447) - green discolouration from contact with bronze
Glass beads (AN1886.1447)
Glass beads from Anglo-Saxon cemetery (AN1886.1447)
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