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Site Name: Ilbury Camp

Site Location: North Oxfordshire
Related Achive: Manning

The Manning documentary archive mentions Ilbury Camp.

The hillfort in the parish of Deddington is a pear-shaped contour fort enclosing about 6 acres. The eastern half is almost completely ploughed out. The west side is still well preserved, covered in trees and scrub.

Aerial photography places the entrance at the south east; the gaps at the west and south look like entrances, but are probably modern.

There was once a village at Ilbury, all that remains is the farm. Surface finds of Iron Age, Romano-British and Medieval pottery have been found in the past.


W. Page (1906) Victoria County History of Oxfordshire, Vol II, p311

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Site Photographs

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Ilbury Fort looking east
Ilbury Camp looking towards the east (March 2006)
Ilbury Fort looking north-west
Ilbury Camp looking towards the north-west (Feb 2006)
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