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Site Name: Ewelme

Site Location: South-East Oxfordshire
Related Achive: Manning

Percy Manning recorded numerous finds of flint implements from sites in and around Ewelme including:
  • many finds from Rumbold's Pit (AN1911.534-562, 1918.6-7, 1943.27-35), Gould's Grove Pit (AN1911.526, 1911.568-572) and Painter's Pit (AN1911.535-553, 1911.564-567, 1918.12-13).(Photographs of some of these finds)
  • a flint axe was found in Ewelme Park in 1895 (AN1911.531),
  • and other flint implements were found on Ewelme Downs and were in the collection of T.H. Powell, including a polished axe, now in the Ashmolean Museum (AN1918.22).

Finds from these sites are held by both the Ashmolean and Pitt-Rivers Museums.

Many similar finds have also been found at nearby sites in Benson.

Manning also recorded that in 1722 a hoard of Roman coins was found in an pot at Harcourt Hill in a field near the Icknield Way. The coins mainly dated from the third century.


J. Pointer (1724) Britannia Romana, pp12-30

L. F. Salzman (1936) Victoria County History of Oxfordshire, Vol I, p32

Finds Photographs

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Handaxe from Rumbolds's Pit (AN1911.555)
Handaxe from Rumbold's Pit, Ewelme (AN1911.555)
Elephants Tooth from Rumbold's Pit (AN1943.51)
Elephants Tooth from Rumbold's Pit, Ewelme (AN1943.51)
Flint scraper from Rumbold's Pit (AN1959.32)
Flint scraper from Rumbold's Pit, Ewelme (AN1959.32)
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