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Site Name: Childrey

Site Location: South-East Oxfordshire
Related Achive: Manning

The only sites mentioned at Childrey in the Manning documentary archive are two round barrows on Hackpen Hill. One is a bowl barrow, 1.5m high, with a ditch. The other is a round barrow 1.8m foot high and 21m in diameter. Various objects, including flint implements, an urn and burnt bones have been found at this site.


Victoria County History of Berkshire, Vol I, p279 (Childrey was in Berkshire, pre 1974)

Berkshire Archaeological Journal, 1936, p30

Aerial Photographs

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Aerial photograph of Hackpen Hill
The Ridgeway on Hackpen Hill taken by Major Allen on 20 August 1938
(Ref Album 16,52)
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