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Site Name: Chastleton

Site Location: North-West Oxfordshire
Related Achive: Manning (and Leeds)

The Manning documents record two sites of interest in Chastleton, a "Roman camp" and the Four Shire Stone.

The "Roman camp" was reported by John E. Price, who excavated the site. Finds from the site included burnt bones, a bone pin, burnt shells, animal bones and early Iron Age pottery. Ramparts, pits and trenches were also identified. This "Roman camp" is the same site as the Iron Age hill fort at Chastleton Burrow which was excavated in 1928-29 by the Oxford University Archaeology Society and E.T. Leeds. (Find out more the Chastleton Fort)

There are several references to the Four Shire Stone, which originally acted as a border marker between Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire. Changes in county boundaries means this stone now stands in Warwickshire.

Other archaeological sites at Chastleton include two or more barrows. A prominent barrow lies to the east of Chastleton Fort and a least two others are located in a field to the west of the fort. Barrows have also been identified at Chastleton from aerial photographs.


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Aerial Photographs

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Aerial photograph of Chastleton Burrow
Chastleton Burrow taken by Major Allen on 7 April 1935
(Ref Album 9,52)

Site Photographs

Chastleton Fort
Chastleton Fort looking towards the north
(March 2006)
View looking towards the east
Four Shires Stone
Four Shires Stone looking towars the south
(March 2006)
Barrow to east at Chastleton
East barrow at Chastleton looking towards the north
(March 2006)
Interior of barrow to east at Chastleton
Interior of east barrow at Chastleton looking towards the south
(March 2006)
Close-up view of interior
East barrow at Chastleton
One of the east barrows at Chastleton looking towards the east
(March 2006)
East barrow at Chastleton
One of the east barrows at Chastleton looking towards the north-west
(March 2006)
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