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Site Name: Asthall

Site Location: West Oxfordshire
Related Achive: Manning

One of the most prominant features near Asthall is the Asthall Barrow. The Manning documentary archive contains several references to objects and features close to the barrow.

One of the features recorded is a stone lying on a bank near the roman road, Akeman Street. Manning also mentions that he had in his possession a Roman bronze buckle and coins dug up from the garden of a cottage alongside Akeman Street, together with coins of Trajan, Carausius, Constantinopolis, Theodora and Constantine found in fields either side of the road leading from Asthall to the barrow.

Other recorded finds include a flint arrowhead found near the barrow by Edward Thurlow Leeds during a small excavation at the top of a quarry during the 1920s. A Roman brooch was also found by a Mr Kilminster in an orchard near to Asthall Farm.

Asthall barrow was excavated by E.T. Leeds and G.S. Bowles in 1923 and 1924. It was found to contain an Anglo-Saxon cremation burial. (Find out more about Asthall Barrow)


E.T. Leeds (1924) "An Anglo-Saxon Cremation Burial of the Seventh Century at Asthall Barrow, Oxfordshire" Antiquaries Journal 4, p113-126

Victoria County History of Oxfordshire, Vol II, p345


Site Photographs

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Asthall Barrow 1923
Photograph of Asthall Barrow under excavation in 1923-24
Asthall Barrow in March 2006
Photograph of Asthall Barrow
(March 2006)
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