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Site Name: Appleford

Site Location: South Oxfordshire
Related Achive: Manning

The Manning documentary archive contains details of an Iron Age or Romano-British settlement, that was identified as west of Northfield Farm and south of the church at Appleford. Various features were noted by Mr J Flowerfield and in July 1895 Manning visited the site, finding circles and square enclosures visible in the corn growing in a field south of the church. In 1933 Major G.W.G. Allen took aerial photographs in which two circular crop marks are visible. There are now no visible traces of these cropmarks and the area was last recorded as being rough pasture.

Various other finds have also been discovered in Appleford. A British food vessel was found with a skeleton in Appleford Field. The vessel was originally part of the collection of Jesse King from Appleford, but was acquired by the British Museum in 1862.

An Iron Age decorated pot sherd which was also originally part of the Jesse King collection was bought by the Ashmolean Museum in 1869 (AN1924.505). A label with the object stated that it was found in a trench in gravel in a field between Sutton Courtenay and Appleford, together with some bones.


J.S.P Bradford (1942) "An Early Iron Age Site at Allen's Pit, Dorchester", Oxoniensia, Vol VII, pp58-59

Aerial Photographs

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Appleford Cropmarks
Allen Aerial Photograph taken 4 July 1933
(Ref album 4,38)
Appleford Cropmarks
Allen Aerial Photograph taken 12 July 1933
(Ref album 4,21)
Appleford Cropmarks
Allen Aerial Photograph taken 21 May 1933
(Ref album 3,40)
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