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Site Name: Stoke Lyne

Site Location: North East Oxfordshire
Related Achive: Manning

The barrow on the northern boundary of the parish of Stoke Lyne sits in a cultivated field, near Round Hill Farm. A fir tree has been planted in the centre of the barrow fairly recently. In the early part of the 20th century the barrow was described as '191 feet in circumference and 5 feet high - well preserved.' A field visit in 1974 measured the barrow as only c19m in diameter.

The barrow was partially excavated by R. Cartwright in 1927 who found remains of an inhumation and a bronze clasp in a shallow pit. A further excavation in 1961 found no ditch and located the central burial pit beneath the mound containing the reburied bones from 1927, and a pottery vessel dating from the 7th century. Several bronze age flints and Romano-British pot sherds were found nearby.


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Site Photographs

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Stoke Lyne Barrow
Stoke Lyne Barrow (April 2006)
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