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Site Name: Over Worton Barrow

Site Location: North Oxfordshire
Related Achive: Manning

Over Worton Barrow is another site mentioned by Manning. This hidden away barrow shares its hill with the parish church at Over Worton. Situated behind the church on the north side, just outside the churchyard, the barrow is covered in bushes and trees and has commanding views to the west, north and east, but not the south. Ilbury hillfort can be seen across the valley. Over Worton House is to the south, with the park all round.

The barrow is not marked on any map and has not been excavated as far as anyone knows. It was reported in earlier parish records that the mound was a large rubbish heap piled there after restoration in 1844, but according to an old resident at the time, he remembered the mound being there before restoration. Some documentation has it as a possible small motte of a motte and bailey castle.


Victoria County History of Oxfordshire, Vol II, p34

Site Photographs

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Over Worton Barrow

Over Worton Barrow (April 2006)

View from the Churchyard
View north from churchyard; it is possible to see Ilbury hillfort to the north-east (April 2006)



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