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Site Name: North Leigh Roman Villa

Site Location: West Oxfordshire
Related Achive: Manning

North Leigh Roman Villa is under the guardianship of English Heritage. It was excavated in 1813-1816 by Henry Hakewell, in 1910 by Prof. Haverfield and again in the 1970's. Interpretation revealed the villa to be of the winged-corridor type, and consisted of 60 rooms, including hot baths, kitchens and dining rooms. A mosaic from one of the rooms is now under cover in a specially built hut on the site to protect it. The villa was constructed in the late 1st century, on an earlier Iron Age site, and was in use until the beginning of the 5th century, its heyday being in the first half of the 4th century. The villa is situated in a large wide flat field near the River Evenlode, and is very close to Akeman Street, a re-used pre-Roman track.


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Site Photographs

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North Leigh Roman Villa
North Leigh Roman Villa, looking North (April 2006)
North Leigh Villa looking south west
North Leigh Villa looking south-west (April 2006)
North Leigh mosaic under cover
North Leigh mosaic under cover (April 2006)
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