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Site Name: Wood Farm, Kiddington

Site Location: West Oxfordshire
Related Achive: Manning

Percy Manning's records mention Two Barrows at Wood Farm, Kiddington

One barrow is situated north of Wood Farm, in a grass field, not ploughed. The remains of a large dead tree trunk can be seen in the centre. The other barrow is situated in the woods, north west of the farm. This barrow is covered in scrub and trees, and hollow in the middle, possibly caused by the large felled, or fallen, tree which lies next to its banks.


Victoria County History of Oxfordshire, Vol. II, p346


Site Photographs

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Wood Farm Barrow behind farm (Photograph taken with permission of Wood Farm)

Wood Farm Barrow No. 1
(April 2006)

Wood Farm Barrow in woods (Photograph taken with permission of Wood Farm)

Wood Farm Barrow No. 2
(April 2006)

Photographs taken with permission of Wood Farm 2006
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