Oxfordshire's Historic Archives

Historic Oxfordshire

Preserving and Enhancing Access to Historic Oxfordshire
Records of Archaeological Work held by the Ashmolean Museum
Ashmolean Museum c. 1950

At the Ashmolean Museum five documentary archives have been identified, each associated with a major figure in the history of the archaeological investigation of Oxfordshire, c.1870 — c.1950. All of these archives are striking for the importance of the information they contain and for the current lack of knowledge concerning their contents in the public domain.

The project integrates the archive information with the Oxfordshire Records Office and Oxfordshire Sites and Monuments Record making the information freely available for local history and other research. An internet learning resource based on these records is available on this site for educational and recreational use providing information on sites across Oxfordshire.

The project has been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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