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Site Name: Leafield

Site Location: North-West Oxfordshire
Related Achive: Manning

Leafield Barrow was also recorded by Percy Manning. Locally it is known as 'Barry's Hill Tump' or 'Barry's Tump'. It stands on a hill to the north of the village, on one of the highest points in Oxfordshire - 650 feet above sea level.

It has been classified at various times as the motte of a motte and bailey castle, or an Anglo-Saxon barrow. It has a trig point on the top and a water reservoir on the east side. There is no evidence of a ditch and it was perhaps opened in antiquity.


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Site Photographs

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Leafield Barrow
Leafield Barrow looking toward the north (March 2006)
Leafield Barrow
Closer view of Leafield Barrow looking toward the north (March 2006)
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